(1961) Antoine d’Agata

Antoine d’Agata (1961)

Antoine d’Agata (1961) is a French photographer who in 1990 studied at the International Centre of Photography, New York.  His teachers included Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, both of whom were forerunners of photographically breaching personal boundaries.  He joined Magnum Photographers in 2004.  d’Agata’s work often depicts addiction, sex, violence and prostitution.  The dark, disturbing images usually draw from his own life experiences.

(d’Agata, 2000), (d’Agata, 2000), (d’Agata, 2014)

Speaking about single v multiple images he says in a recent interview:

‘I think the single image, in a way, is much more of a lie because it pretends to condensate, to possess in itself, so many answers. The multi-image is more vague, more banal but more honest’. (d’Agata, 2017)


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