(1967) KayLynn Deveney

Kaylynn Deveney is an American photographer born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1967. Aged 32 she moved to Newport to undertake a master’s degree in documentary photography at the University of Wales. In 2009 she completed a practice-based PhD in photography at Newport ‘on the ways contemporary and historical photographic diaries and self-books address myths of domesticity’.

Deveney met the 85-year-old Albert Hastings in 2001. Having recorded the mundane, ordinary aspects of Hasting’s life for several years, she published ‘The day-to-day Life of Albert Hastings’ in 2007.

77 of the 83 images include handwritten captions by Hastings describing the scene or his thoughts. As Deveney says:

This work is sited where Bert’s autobiographical vision, based in life experience and feeling, meets the new eye of a stranger. Together our visions and versions of his day-to-day experience sit side by side to create a new tale.

(Deveney, 2007)

(Deveney, 2007)


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