IAP Exercise 4.5: Image and Text

Brief Find words that have been written or spoken by someone else. Create five images that do justice to the essence of those words. Background As I have mentioned many times I decided in March [...]

IAP Sharon Boothroyd

On her website, I viewed the series ‘If you get married again, will you still love me?’   What a powerful set of images. They take you into the mind of the child – depressing to see.  [...]

David Favrod

I found this work difficult to access.  Favrod says that mystery is important to him.  When he exhibits he presents an artist statement at the entrance of the [...]

IAP Exercise 4.3: Storyboard

The Story – Ayia Napa 1990 The first holiday Sharon and I had was at the Cypriot resort Ayia Napa. I believe that was in 1990. Memories fade, but I have three recollections. I remember [...]

IAP Exercise 4.2: Reflective Day

Brief Review a few advertising image/text combinations. Does the text allow for personal interpretation or does it close the image down? What was the intention of the creator?

Olga Karlovac: Before Winter

Introduction I recently bought a photo book, ‘Before Winter’, by the Croatian photographer Olga Karlovac and to gain a better insight into her work I listened to an interview with [...]

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