BBC Radio 4 Front Row: How artists introduce their work


During two recent calls, my tutor suggested that I listen to the BBC Radio 4 Front Row programme, originally aired on 29 November last year, during which the four Turner Prize finalists introduced themselves and their work.

The reason my tutor made that suggestion is that my work is conceptual and I am having difficulty positioning the viewer to understand it. On the one hand, I like Gregory Crewdson’s idea of the work being elliptical but on the other hand if it’s too elliptical nobody will understand it!

I listened to the interviews by Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Helen Cammock, Oscar Murillo and Tai Shani. They lasted on average just under 3 minutes and contained just over 300 words.

Analysis of what they said

Broadly their introductions followed the same pattern:

Personal introduction including some personal background

Background to the work including history and sources of ideas

Description of the work including process, breadth or context.

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