CAN Assignment 2: Notes

Photographing the unseen: Introduction

In this assignment, I have begun to explore the idea of expressing emotions using visual metaphors.

Creative process – first emotion

As suggested by the brief I noted as many ideas as possible. I chose loneliness because as we get older this will be an emotion that will increasingly affect us.

Ideas generated 20 November 2018. Finally settled on Loneliness.

At this point, I got stuck. I thought of taking photographs in the street, isolating individuals or parts of individuals. That did not seem very metaphorical. I then thought of pictures within the home. Still undecided, I randomly selected one of Brian Eno’s ‘Oblique Strategies‘ cards. The instruction was:

Change nothing and continue with immaculate consistency

As should be the case, I took the instruction literally. I chose items that could be photographed in an ‘immaculately consistent’ way.

In terms of presentation, I decided to produce eight photographs to be in a 2×4 grid. Each image denoting an everyday object that might be found in the home of a lonely person. Or an object that might exist as a consequence of the loneliness itself.

I decided not to caption the images. I want to allow the viewer to determine the emotions themselves.

Creative process – second emotion

Having completed the first set I then decided to produce a second set metaphorically representing anxiety. This time using household objects that might cause anxiety.

Images for the second emotion


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