CAN Assignment 5: Reflections Post Tutor Feedback

My Tutor thought the idea was interesting. However, he felt that notes were insufficient and didn’t adequately reflect the research and thinking that I had done. I have therefore completely rewritten the assignment notes section.

He felt that more assistance needs to be given to the Assessors in order to understand the image. It’s not, of course, that they are disinterested, but they are under time pressure. I get that now. Therefore I have written an Assessor Synopsis for this assignment (and other previous photographic assignments) to assist.

He asked me to change the ‘running order’ of the assignment posts – they need to be consistent. Which I have done.

As always I’m criticised for not documenting more blogs. I think the penny has finally dropped. Many more blogs detailing my extracurricular activities will be prepared before assessment. I have done so much. I just need to talk about it.

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