CAN Assignment 5: Reflections and Tutor Feedback

Reflection pre-tutor feedback

Demonstration of technical and visual skills – Materials, technical, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. (40%)

I initially mocked up this idea by using a found photograph from the website of an electrical wholesaler. Having decided the idea was good the only technical aspect was to replicate the image myself. The awkward aspect was to obtain a clean image of the lightbulb with no reflections. Ultimately I solve the problem by surrounding the lightbulb with a white card. This assignment was obviously not technical from a photographic point of view.

Quality of outcome – Content, Application of knowledge, presentation of work in a coherent manner, discernment, conceptualisation of thoughts, communication of ideas. (20%)

The Context and Narrative unit, particularly the ‘Photographing the Unseen’ assignment and research on the work ‘Annunciation’ by Elina Brotherus (Brotherus and Lund, 2019), has sparked an interest in creating work that generates debate on complex unspoken subjects. In this case Gaslighting.

I sought to create doubt in the viewer’s mind to invoke the feeling of being gaslit. I have shown the image to several people and there seems to be confusion in their minds as to whether the lights are the same or not. Therefore, I suppose, I have achieved my objective.

The typological presentation of these images doesn’t work on screen as all the images look identical. But when hung, light inevitably reflects differently across the nine pictures, thereby creating visual differences between the individual lightbulbs.

Demonstration of creativity – Imagination, experimentation, invention. (20%)

This assignment develops the ideas from assignments 2 and 3 in the sense that rather than describe an emotion I am attempting to make the viewer actually feel what it might be like to be gaslit. I am trying to create doubt in the viewer’s mind. I am fairly pleased with the outcome in the sense that the images do seem to cause uncertainty.

Context – reflection, research, critical thinking. (20%)

From my Tutor feedback and conversations with a fellow student, I now realise that my blog needs to be far more comprehensive. I do so many things that I don’t think worthy of recording. But these will now be recorded before assessment.

I have really appreciated that the deeper you go into researching an artist the greater the reward. My work on Crewdson, Brotherus, Woodman, Dowell and Falconer and the Notan study. Also, the research on Postmodernism was enlightening. And I finally got to grips with Roland Barthes.

Tutor feedback


Brotherus, E. and Lund, C. (2019). Elina Brotherus Demystifying the Image. Available at: [Accessed 25 Nov. 2019].

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