CAN Exercise 3.3 Recreate Childhood Memory


Recreate a childhood memory in a photograph.


A childhood memory

Being asked to recreate a childhood memory photographically involves much soul-searching. There are hundreds available. Some good some bad.

For me, the dominant memory, or rather the absence of memory, is of my father who died when I was four.

I have no visual recollection of him whatsoever. But I do have a sense of his presence on two occasions. One was when he gave me a train set at Christmas. The other was when my parents argued because I refused to gargle with salt water (I guess I had a sore throat?).

Earlier this year I became interested in Notan (see learning log) and decided to attempt to complete the rest of the CAN Unit using simple two value Notan. So for this exercise, I recreated the image of my mother and father discussing my health needs using two small bronze statues in pure black and white.

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