CAN Exercise 5.1 Goodfellas

The scene suggests that the man is impatient, powerful, influential, arrogant, wealthy and corrupt.

The single-shot scene shows a young man entering a night club with a female acquaintance to the music ‘And Then He Kissed Me’. We presume, therefore she was a date. The clues as to his character are as follows:

  • He tipped the car valet saying ‘It’s easier than leaving it at a garage and waiting.’
  • He enters the club through the back door ‘I always go this way it’s better than waiting in line.’
  • He tipped the doorman and several waiters.
  • He knows everyone by name. We presume, therefore that he is a regular.
  • He walks through the kitchen as if he owns it, pushing kitchen staff out of the way.
  • The headwaiter says ‘Put the table right at the front. Anything you need just let me know.’ He walks straight past the queue to the premier table.
  • Perhaps not knowing who he is some front-row guests (particularly the female guest) seem indignant that he takes the premier position. The men, who know him, show no signs of indignancy see. In fact, one table passes him a bottle of wine.
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