Slow Photography Course

I recently attended a ‘Slow Photography’ course at West Dean College, West Sussex run by Tracey Calder. If any description could be applied to me ‘Slow’ isn’t one of them! I’m more of a ‘rush in, snap it and rush out’ sort of person. So I thought a contemplative photography course run by a mindfulness practitioner might help. It did, but maybe two days won’t break the habits of a lifetime.

My main takeaway idea was the Japanese term Ma – which means the space between things. Gaps. The work of Michael Kenna was discussed several times in this context.

We would sit through brief lectures on topics, like Ma, then disappear into the Beautiful grounds of West Dean College to take some photographs.

My second main takeaway is somewhat more disappointing. I am NOT a naturally artistic, creative person. I realise that to ‘nip out’ and take a decent photo is difficult for me.

The three decent images taken on the course are these:

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