CAN Assignment 5: Notes

Introduction  Studying the Context and Narrative unit has proved to be an enjoyable and inspirational experience for me. The three most significant lessons learned are the notion that, in a [...]

CAN Assignment 5: Making it Up

If I am mad, be patient with me. Note to Assessors: Unfortunately, the typological presentation of these images doesn’t work on screen. But when hung, light inevitably reflects differently [...]

CAN Assignment 3: Notes

Brief Using a diary I recorded thoughts and experiences. Then for this assignment, I selected one idea to interpret into a photographic project. Introduction I recently became aware of the word [...]

CAN Assignment 3: DSM-5 308.81

Viewing synopsis The title for this conceptually based series ‘DSM-5 308.81’ refers to the section within the psychologist’s ‘Bible’ which sets out the nine criteria for the diagnosis [...]