CAN Self Assessment

What an interesting and educational unit CAN has proved to be.  As I worked through the exercises, research and assignments, they seemed to tease out threads of insight, understanding and [...]

CAN Research 5.1 Gregory Crewdson

Introduction Gregory Crewdson (1962) is an American photographer specialising in large-scale cinematic tableau style photographs. He describes himself as a Teller of elliptical stories (Crewdson, [...]

CAN Research 4.2 Diane Arbus

Introduction These are thoughts on Liz Jobey’s essay on the Diane Arbus photograph entitled ‘A young Brooklyn family going for a Sunday outing, NYC. 1966’.  I purchased the book [...]

Aussie Pink Floyd

Much to the amusement of my Tutor, David Wyatt, I saw the Pink Floyd tribute band (three times!). I did try to explain that they were playing main venues and not pubs but he wouldn’t have [...]

John Darwell: A Black Dog Came Calling

Introduction John Darwell (1955) is a British photographer specialising in long term projects on social and industrial change, the environment and the depiction of mental health issues. His PhD [...]

CAN Research 4.1 Photographs as records

Other than as a language for expression or communication, the indexical nature photography lends itself readily to the act of recording. Historically photography enabled the recording of images [...]