EYV Assignment 2 notes

Brief Create a series of between six and ten photographs from one of the following options, or a subject of your own choosing: Crowds Views Heads Use the exercises from Part Two as a starting [...]

(1953) Nan Goldin

Nan Goldin (1953) Nan Goldin is an influential American photographer who intimately explores the lives of her selected ‘family’ of friends and lovers (Cotton, 2015). (Goldin, 1982), (Goldin, [...]

(1943) Larry Clark

Larry Clark (1943) The American photographer and film director Larry Clark recorded young adult drug culture and sex in his photography books Tulsa (1971), Teenage Lust (1983) and The Perfect [...]

(1961) Antoine d’Agata

Antoine d’Agata (1961) Antoine d’Agata (1961) is a French photographer who in 1990 studied at the International Centre of Photography, New York.  His teachers included Larry Clark and Nan Goldin, [...]