Reflections and Feedback

Reflection pre-tutor feedback Demonstration of technical and visual skills – Materials, technical, observational skills, visual awareness, design and compositional skills. (40%) I would regard my [...]


Research László Molholy-Nagy (1895-1946) Molholy-Nagy was a Hungarian photographer. He taught at Bauhaus between 1923 and 1928. Bauhaus was a radical German art school from 1919 until it’s forced [...]

EYV Exercise 1.4 Frame

Take a good number of shots, composing each shot within a single section of the viewfinder grid. Don’t bother about the rest of the frame! Use any combination of grid section, subject and [...]

EYV Exercise 1.3 Line

Exercise 1.3.1 Line Take a number of shots using lines to create a sense of depth. Shooting with a wideangle lens (zooming out) strengthens a diagonal line by giving it more length within the [...]

EYV Exercise 1.2 Point

Research – Point I found this exercise difficult to understand. Not an auspicious start… To gain a better insight into the effect of a single point I read Michael Freeman’s book on photographic [...]

EYV Exercise 1.1

Exercise Take three or four exposures of the same scene. Don’t change anything on the camera and keep the framing the same. Preview the shots on the LCD screen. At first glance they look the [...]

Surface and Depth

Research: Thomas Ruff ‘jpegs’ Read the reviews by Campany and Colberg and, if you haven’t already done so, use them to begin the contextual section of your learning log. Try to pick out the key [...]