(1972) Elina Brotherus

Elina Brotherus is a Finnish photographer with degrees in analytical chemistry and photography.  She uses a medium format camera and shoots ‘straight’ (Pulver, 2011). In 2015 she [...]

(1949) John Davies

Davies is a British landscape photographer. Much of his work is large format black and white images of industrial and urban British landscapes. In 2008 he completed a colour series entitled Fuji [...]

Photographs and context

In his essay entitled ‘Photographs and context’ Terry Barrett discusses category displacement in connection with one particular image and goes on to propose a framework for contextualising [...]

Oblique Strategies

I recently listened to a TEDTalk by Tim Harford entitled ‘How frustration can make us more creative’ (Ted Talk, 2015). He discussed how difficulties encountered during creative activities can [...]

Lens Sweet Spot

When introducing the EYV Project 4 Ex nihilo, the OCA manual states ‘ Studio work is highly technical and you really need to know your equipment inside out…’. How very true this proved to be. [...]

(1904-1983) Bill Brandt

In 1945, following a conversation with Peter Rose Pulham (1910 – 1956), Brandt purchased a 70 year old wooden Kodak camera from a secondhand shop in Covent Garden. The camera, used for its [...]

(1921-1986) Ernst Haas

Born in Vienna, Haas was famed for his early use of coloured photography. Aged 25 he acquired his first camera (a Rolleiflex) in exchange for a block of butter on the black market. His rise to [...]

(1899-1984) Brassai

Born Gyula Halasz in 1899 in Brasso, Transylvania, Brassaï (meaning ‘of Brasso’) moved to Paris at the age of 24. He stayed there until his death 60 years later. He is best known for his book [...]

(1967) Rut Blees Luxemburg

Luxemberg is a German photographer and Reader in Urban Aesthetics at the Royal College of Arts.  Her practice involves large format (often) long night exposures of urban London. (Blees Luxemberg, [...]

(1951) Sally Mann

Mann is an American photographer born in Lexington, Virginia.  Her book entitled ‘Southern Landscapes’ features moody atmospheric pictorialist landscape shots. (Mann, 2013) I watched an interview [...]