Photographs and context

In his essay entitled ‘Photographs and context’ Terry Barrett discusses category displacement in connection with one particular image and goes on to propose a framework for contextualising [...]

The Decisive Moment

When I began this degree course my photographic ambition was to take nice pictures. I had spent a great deal of time looking at the website which is a global curated photography site. It [...]

HCB ‘L’amour tout court’

This is my personal response to the Henri Cartier Bresson (HCB) documentary ‘L’amour tout court’ (Cartier Bresson, 2015). When asked about his famous photograph ‘Footfall in flooded square’ HCB [...]

Medium Specificity

‘The concept of medium-specificity has had a profound impact on photography. In its early history, photography struggled to establish itself as a legitimate art form. Theorists devised a [...]