IAP Self Evaluation

Introduction The aim of the course is to discover how photography enables people to make sense of themselves and their environment. This final self-evaluation attempts to explain how, through [...]

IAP Assignment 5: Notes

Brief Produce work that represents a notion of identity and place that you are personally inspired by. Introduction The brief allows free rein but with one stipulation: the final outcome must [...]

Rosalind Krauss: Grids

Introduction Following submission of the grid-based Lockdown story for Assignment 4, my Tutor recommended I read Rosalind Krauss’ 1979 essay ‘Grid’ (1) published by MIT Press. [...]

David Hockney

During his feedback for Assignment 4, my tutor suggested that I look at the Polaroid work of David Hockney. WOW. Hockney explains being disinterested in photography because he felt that the [...]