IAP Exercise 5.3 Your Journey

Brief Photograph a journey that you go on regularly. The Journeys of Alice and Beth Reflection Once lockdown commenced I decided, for artistic and practical, reasons to shoot the whole of IAP [...]

IAP Exercise 5.2 Georges Perec

Brief Choose a viewpoint and write down everything you can see. No matter how boring it seems or how detailed, just write it down. Can you transform this into a photography version? Introduction [...]

IAP Exercise 5.1 Still Life

Brief Create a set of still life pictures showing traces of life without using people. Introduction My mother Audrey stayed with me from mid-March 2020 for nearly three months. The decision to [...]

IAP Exercise 4.5: Image and Text

Brief Find words that have been written or spoken by someone else. Create five images that do justice to the essence of those words. Background As I have mentioned many times I decided in March [...]

IAP Exercise 4.3: Storyboard

The Story – Ayia Napa 1990 The first holiday Sharon and I had was at the Cypriot resort Ayia Napa. I believe that was in 1990. Memories fade, but I have three recollections. I remember [...]

IAP Exercise 4.2: Reflective Day

Brief Review a few advertising image/text combinations. Does the text allow for personal interpretation or does it close the image down? What was the intention of the creator?

IAP Exercise 4.1: Analysing Adverts

Dawn Woolley’s essay features the above image but in a cropped format – she removes all product references thereby inviting us to guess what is being advertised. I have chosen to show and [...]

IAP Exercise 3.4: The Gaze

Since lockdown began my two daughters’ opportunities to meet have, like so many families and friends, been severely limited. But as lockdown finally begins to ease they can at last meet in [...]