CG Assignment 2: Reflections Before Tutor Feedback

LO1: Compare the theoretical features, characteristics and histories of different photographic genres

In this assignment, I feel as though I have made progress in my appreciation of genres; particularly landscape, portrait, and still life. I have appreciated the ways in the way the boundaries between them blur, depending on the auto-biographical standpoint of the viewer (Excercise 2.2).

I have become more aware of the part historicism plays in the creation of contemporary image-making (Assignment 2 Part 1).

LO2: Deconstruct a given genre’s conventions and create visual material informed by that knowledge

The Delacroix, Wall, Hunter deconstruction inspired me to create an image that re-examined the death of women in a contemporary setting (Assignment 2 Part 2).

LO3: Produce new visual work informed by your research

The assignment image (referred to in LO2), using newly acquired lighting techniques, was directly influenced by the three previously mentioned artists

LO4: Analyse the wider global contexts surrounding contemporary image-making

My knowledge of contemporary photography is narrow but appropriate to this stage of my learning.

Overall reflections

As I have previously mentioned, my studying is behind schedule. I have spent many hours getting to this point, but the biggest negative impact, other than pressure, is that the essential percolation of the concepts and knowledge is restricted.

I am still unclear about the use of Padlets, but I’m hopeful to gain more clarity when I have spoken to my tutor.

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