(1921-1986) Ernst Haas

Born in Vienna, Haas was famed for his early use of coloured photography. Aged 25 he acquired his first camera (a Rolleiflex) in exchange for a block of butter on the black market. His rise to prominence came in 1947 when he fortuitously photographed returning war prisoners at Vienna railway station.

(Haas, 1947)

In 1948, as a consequence of the publicity gained by the Vienna station shots, Haas was invited to join the Magnum Photo agency. His appointment as Magnum’s US Vice President facilitated the issuance of a US visa and he moved to America in 1950.

Haas developed his interest in Colour photography and is particularly well known for his coloured motion blurred images.

(Haas, 1968), (Haas, 1955), (Haas, 1966)


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