EYV Exercise 1.4 Frame

Take a good number of shots, composing each shot within a single section of the viewfinder grid. Don’t bother about the rest of the frame! Use any combination of grid section, subject and viewpoint you choose.

When you review the shots, evaluate the whole frame, not just the part you’ve composed. Take the same approach you used to evaluate the point and line exercises: examine the relationship of elements to the frame. Composition is part of form and formal analysis will be a useful skill for your exercises and assignments as you progress through the course.

Select six or eight images that you feel work individually as compositions and also together as a set. If you have software for making contact sheets you might like to present them as a single composite image. Add the images to your learning log together with technical information such as camera settings, and one or two lines containing your thoughts and observations.

Thoughts and observations

Yesterday I took loads of photographs with the intention today (18 January) of using them to complete this exercise. They were all crap! So went out today and took a load more..

So the images below (with the exception of the first one) were taken today which pleases me that I could go out in one session and take enough images that were satisfactory. That makes a change!

This morning I was reading about formalism and in particular about Paul Strand(Edwards, 2010). My intention with the images that I took today was to try to present them in a formalist way. With the exception of image five I think they’re quite reasonable from that point of view.

Technical information relating to the above images is as follows:


Edwards, R. (2010). [Blog] An Inexhaustible World: Looking at Paul Strand’s “House and Billboard”. Available at: https://remixhumanities.wordpress.com/2010/11/17/an-inexhaustible-world-looking-at-paul-strands-house-and-billboard/ [Accessed 20 Jan. 2018].

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