EYV Exercise 3.2


Using slow shutter speeds, the multiple exposure function, or another technique, try to record the trace of movement within the frame. You can be as experimental as you like. Add a selection of shots together with relevant shooting data and a description of your process (how you captured the shots) to your learning log.



The car speeding up the hill is a simple shot at 1/8sec at ISO 100. The camera held steady on a wall to show car movement against a frozen background.

The plant shot(s) was more involved. I starved my daughter’s favourite plant of water (an unpopular ten-day activity…). Having re-watered the poor plant I captured it’s rehydration at 20 minute intervals over several hours (daughter pleased). I selected three images. In Lightroom I applied cropping/spot removal to one image and synchronised the changes across all three images (an amazing facility). Having altered the white balance of each image to make them stand out from each other I then used Photoshop to stack the three shots into one.

The final shot is of a friend ‘standing’ in my kitchen. It was taken at 10sec, ISO 100 at f16. The camera was sat on a solid surface to avoid any shake. My friend walked out of the shot after c7 seconds leaving a ghostlike image of himself against the backdrop of the kitchen.

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