EYV Exercise 4.2


In manual mode take a sequence of shots of a subject of your choosing at different times on a single day. You might decide to fix your viewpoint or you might prefer to ‘work into’ your subject, but the important thing is to observe the light, not just photograph it. Add the sequence to your learning log together with a timestamp from the time/date info in the metadata. In your own words, briefly describe the quality of light in each image.



Time/date information

All shots were taken on 26 April 2018 at these times.  07:11, 09:38, 12:19, 18:35, 19:32 and 19:51.


I struggled with this exercise which sounds ridiculous given its simplicity!  However, I wanted to capture a consistently sunny day to properly illustrate the golden and blue hours.  The weather didn’t seem to want to help and I wasted several attempts.  The day I have finally chosen was also inconsistent in terms of light.

The early morning light casts deep shadows and seems crisp and bright.  As we move towards the middle of the day the sun is at its highest.  The light is harsh, no shadows show and the image seems to flatten.  As dusk approaches the light changes to a blue hue.

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