EYV Exercise 4.3


Capture ‘the beauty of artificial light’ in a short sequence of shots (‘beauty’ is, of course, a subjective term). The correct white balance setting will be important; this can get tricky –but interesting – if there are mixed light sources of different colour temperatures in the same shot. You can shoot indoors or outside but the light should be ambient rather than camera flash. Add the sequence to your learning log. In your notes try to describe the difference in the quality of light from the daylight shots in Exercise 4.2.



These long exposure night shots looking over Portsmouth Harbour capture the movement of ferries leaving for the continent. I used a long lens from the hill north of Portsmouth at a distance of 4.4 miles.

Photographing at night restricts the way in which the shots are taken, particularly when you are more than 4 miles away.  The ambient light available is softer and more atmospheric than the bright light of daytime.


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