EYV Exercise 5.1


Use your camera as a measuring device. This doesn’t refer to the distance scale on the focus ring (!). Rather, find a subject that you have an empathy with and take a sequence of shots to ‘explore the distance between you’. Add the sequence to your learning log, indicating which is your ‘select’ – your best shot. When you review the set to decide upon a ‘select’, don’t evaluate the shots just according to the idea you had when you took the photographs; instead evaluate it by what you discover within the frame.



Selected image

In the OCA manual Alexia Clorinda describes the act of photographing as measuring the distance between herself and the subject: ‘It’s about the encounter between myself and the other; it’s not about the other’.

My daughter recently ran the 2018 London Marathon. It was a highly charged experience for all concerned. We waited at the Royal Marsden viewing point cheering on their designated runners. I had no idea what to expect when my daughter ran to us.  I couldn’t concentrate on her, I just shot a sequence of photos.

Upon reviewing the images I was pleased to see her delight at seeing a great friend who had made a surprise trip to support her.

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