EYV Assignment 5 Final Tutor feedback

Following my tutor’s initial feedback I reshot the entire assignment.  This is the feedback on the revised work:

Overall the set of image reveal a whole new story and approach to the project. The first image of the garden table and chair is out of place, it does appear quite isolated with the remaining strong portraits.
Out of the portraits, the distance ones work best, for example the one down the hallway and the one of your mother sat in the armchair looking to her right. The composition of the one with the radiator in the background is not as strong, with the foreground elements being distracting. Consider removing the table/chair and this image to leave a series of eight.
In terms of print sizes, A3 paper with a generous boarder to present an image slightly larger than A4 is good, please see the attached example. The image size within is 33cm x 22cm.
Then it is just a case of choosing the right finish and portfolio box/case to present your work.
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