IAP Exercise 4.3: Storyboard

The Story – Ayia Napa 1990

The first holiday Sharon and I had was at the Cypriot resort Ayia Napa. I believe that was in 1990.

Memories fade, but I have three recollections. I remember holding onto Sharon tumbling in the sea head over heels, joined together like a ball.

I remember us both being scared being nibbled by tiny fish as we swam. We were a bit pathetic because they were tiny small fish.

And I remember us sitting at a bar marvelling at how low the beer prices were. Only to realise a few days later that we had got the currency conversion the wrong way round. In fact, it was quite expensive. Not bad for two accountants.

You may be wondering why I am completing a 2020 degree module using 30-year-old photographs? Well during a lockdown clear-up I came across two undeveloped rolls of 35mm film. I had them developed on 28 July 2020.

What a thrill to get back these beautiful images and forgotten memories of my lovely, sadly missed wife.

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