IAP Exercise 4.4: Alternative Interpretations


Change captions to bend the image to different and conflicting points of view.

Image 1

Original caption: UK’s rating of its Covid-19 response lowest of 14 countries in poll

Revised captions:

1. High Street sales pick up as consumer confidence returns.
2. Should face masks be compulsory in public spaces? The debate rages.
3. New lockdown measures will have a disastrous effect on business.

Original text: Only 46% of voters in Britain think their country has done well, compared with 95% in Denmark

Revised text: The High Street is bracing itself for the worst Christmas on record as the government indicates that lockdown measures will be re-introduced nationally as cases rise.

Image 2

Original caption: Rishi Sunak and archbishop drawn into Yorkshire dales housing row

Revised captions:

1. Local community welcome conversion of a former school into affordable housing
2. Local community in decline as fall in pupil numbers forces school closure
3. Minister sacked as schools remain closed.

Original text: Plan to turn church school into affordable homes undone by requirement to accept top bid.

Revised text: Education Minister Gavin Williamson was finally sacked last night as pressure on the Government mounts over it’s non-existent return to school policy.

Image 3

Original caption: We should be free to talk about racism without being penalised

Revised captions:

1. Is it acceptable for a live TV show to have an “All white” crew?
2. Mental health issues surrounding experiences of racism
3. David Olusoga reveals the dark past of Bristol house

Original text: Historian David Olusoga talked of being isolated and devalued in the TV industry. It shouldn’t have to be such an act of courage.

Revised text: David Olusoga’s BBC programme ‘A House Through Time’ Win’s critical acclaim for exposing the dark past of a slavetraders Bristol property.

Relections on the use of text

How will this exercise add a new dimension to my own work? Well, my current attitude to the use of text can be summed by the words of DiCorcia ‘I’m supposed to give you as little information, in my mind, as you need to be intrigued, but not enough to finish your experience’ (1). The examples used in this exercise really close down images in terms of their interpretation. The consequence of that is potentially a lack of interest. Therefore I don’t feel as though any new dimension has been added.


(1) Lorca diCorcia, P., 2020. Tuesday Evenings At The Modern – Philip Lorca Dicorcia. Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zs8z9DCVrYA> [Accessed 4 April 2020].

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