IAP Exercise 5.3 Your Journey


Photograph a journey that you go on regularly.

The Journeys of Alice and Beth


Once lockdown commenced I decided, for artistic and practical, reasons to shoot the whole of IAP from a strict lockdown perspective – that is to say, my home. To do so would not only be adhering to the law but would provide a record of my experience through this strange period.

My mother Audrey spent nearly 3 months in strict isolation here with me – as a 97-year-old she was in the highly vulnerable category.

As the days passed she got into her routine. Her daily journey was strictly limited to coming downstairs once a day and then returning to her bedroom at night.

So who are Alice and Beth? Well, it was decided that Audrey should have two walking sticks – one for upstairs and one for downstairs. And it was further decided that they should be known as Alice (upstairs) and Beth (downstairs).

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