Olga Karlovac: Before Winter


I recently bought a photo book, ‘Before Winter’, by the Croatian photographer Olga Karlovac and to gain a better insight into her work I listened to an interview with Jeffery Saddoris (1).

Described as enigmatic and uniquely creative, Karlovac’s black and white photographs are psychological, moody, atmospheric and elliptical.


Karlovac shoots (a term she consistently uses) using a small digital camera (Ricoh GR) using a variety of in-camera techniques (moving the camera using slow shutter speed, shooting from moving trams, shooting through glass and other distorting stickers etc) plus post-processing techniques such as (and here I’m guessing) extreme cropping to achieve highly grainy images and motion blur.

Extracts from the interview

When asked how she feels about her photography she said:

I don’t care if you even call it photography …. I just do it the way I want to do it …. Sometimes I don’t even care if people see it as photography, it’s more how they feel when they see, not about what it is or how it is done …. It’s done in the way it preserves a moment …. But deep down it’s not about that for me, that’s what I wanted to say. Deep down it’s about just presenting something that …. About how I capture moments and how I feel and I want people to be free to interpret that as they want.


Karlovak, O., 2019. Process Driven 29: An Unbound Energy [Olga Karlovac]. [podcast] Process Driven. Available at: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AM3g3eZcYU> [Accessed 18 August 2020].

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