Michael Wesely (1963)

Wesely is a German photographer specialising in ultra-long exposure photography. The image below was commissioned by MoMa to record the building’s reconstruction. In a series of images, some [...]

Paul Graham (1956)

In a 2015 video to support the The Whiteness of the Whale exhibition at Pier 24 Photography, San Francisco Graham he discusses how he hopes the photographs might be seen. He describes how the [...]

Hiroshi Sugimoto (1948)

Sugimoto is a New York based Japanese photographer and architect. In his series entitled ‘Theatres’ he uses movie-length exposures (ie 2-3 hours) to explore his idea that too much information [...]

Robert Frank (1924)

Frank was born in Switzerland in 1924 and emigrated to America in 1946. As a result of a Guggenheim Fellowship (the sponsorship application being mostly written by Walker Evans (Nga.Gov, 2009)) [...]

Eugene Atget (1857-1927)

Atget, an ex-seaman, a failed actor and unsuccessful painter opened a photographic business in Paris aged 33. He spent the rest of his life accumulating some 10,000 negatives covering French [...]